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    I can’t believe more people weren’t furious when this happened…
  • Glasgow School of Art: Staff lounge

    Glasgow School of Art: Staff lounge

    Designed by Gillespie Kidd and Coia in 1981, with particular input from Andy Macmillan, the common room remains in use...
  • The Boiler House

    The Boiler House

    The image is of a model of the boiler house at Thamesmead before it was built. At present we have...
  • Homebase, Kensington

    Homebase, Kensington

    As the last remnants of its pediments are thoughtlessly crushed while bolshe housebuilder Berkeley’s office tills ‘ker-ching’ with multimillion-pound sales...

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  • Marco Polo House

    Marco Polo House

    In the awkward wastelands of Battersea, with only the power station standing out, Ian Pollard’s late-eighties postmodern take on the...

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  • Bannockburn Heritage Centre

    Bannockburn Heritage Centre

    Bannockburn Heritage Centre has closed its doors for the final time in order to prepare the way for its demolition...

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  • Heygate Estate

    Heygate Estate

    Built in 1974 the Heygate Estate in Walworth, South London is soon to be demolished as part of the Elephant...

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  • East End Sawmills

    East End Sawmills

    A showroom and office space for East End Sawmills constructed from timber materials sourced from the sawmill itself.

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