Preston Bus Station

Preston Bus Station

Preston’s cavernous bus station is in line for the chop after councilors approved its demolition ‘in principle’ as the city council doesn’t have the money to refurbish it.

The brutalist landmark has been praised by the 20th Century Society, Rem Koolhaas and others but is deemed to big for current needs.

Council leader Peter Rankin said: “We are in the age of austerity and are facing huge cuts to our budgets and services. In this climate, we cannot even afford to fund all the repairs that are needed at the bus station.

“We do understand that many people are passionate about the bus station and there is no doubt that it is a striking building, so it is very much a heart and a head dilemma that we face. But at the end of the day we have to vote with our heads.

“It is cheaper and better value for money to taxpayers to demolish the building and then work with Lancashire county council to build a new, modern, smaller and fit-for-purpose bus station in its place.”

A final decision on whether to proceed with demolition will be taken in the New Year.