BMW (GB) Headquarters

BMW (GB) Headquarters

Reason for demolition
BMW relocated to Farnborough.

Here is the architect’s link to the building. It’s now gone. BMW relocated to Farnborough. The building looked fine.

According to the site:

” Mark Walker was project architect at Farrell Grimshaw for this UK Headquarters for BMW.

Comprising of 10.000m2 of warehousing, a training centre, amenities and showrooms. The premises had a total development period from initial brief to occupation of 17 months with a 12 month construction period.

To enable to build so quickly the structural and cladding systems were rationalised to use a minimum number of components in a highly repetitive manner. Economy was also gained by using one column size and two beam sizes for the warehouse and link block, and one beam and one column for the offices. A prime decision was to use a single cladding system for the three different building types which became an alucobond panel of 5.0m by 1.5m in zipper gaskets. A 500mm deep louver board runs continuously round the building, receiving a wide range of service demands from fresh air intake to petrol exhaust extraction.

At the time the chairman of BMW commented “In Germany we could not have had this building completed so quickly and with so little trouble”

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Paul T Horgan